Interview with the cover designer

Peter Donnelly

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Peter Donnelly. I’m a Dublin based illustrator working in advertising, children’s books and animation design.

Tell is about this cover?

This piece is called The Drowning Man. Like a lot of my illustrations it’s inspired by a song. It appears on the 1981 album Faith by The Cure. I like the way you’ve got to look hard to find him and work out his story.

When were your formative years?

I originally began my training in graphic design straight from school, however my head was completely turned when I got the opportunity to study under UPA Animation legend Harry Hess for a year. I was 19 at the time and it set me on the road to Animation where I worked for many years in feature film both here and abroad.

I eventually ran an art department for Don Bluth in 20th Century Fox and continued on for spells in Dreamworks, Hahn Film and various other companies in Europe. In 2000, I returned to Dublin as an Art Director for Jam Media Ltd but gradually stepped away from film and immersed myself in illustration full time. I joined Illustrators Ireland and cold called agencies until I built a career! I still enjoy working as a development artist on some shows.

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